Top 3 food that women shoud not eat

Top 3 food that women should avoid : -


Top 3 food that women shoud not eat
  Food is divided into adense” and “non-dense”. What are dense and what is non-dense? To name a few, fruits and vegetables are non-dense type. Whilst meat, milk and cereals are belong to dense foods. Mix and match on the food we eat plays important role on what we are turning into. In order to maintain good health, we should only choose to mix vegetables with only one type of dense food. Cake is combination of many types dense food which belong to intensive food that will make all women gain weight.

Kimchi :
Top 3 food that women shoud not eat
Kimchi will cause human premature aging. This is like marinated fish, meat, vegetables. The added salt will turn into nitrite, catalyzed by enzymes in the body and easily produce various substances of carcinogens that generated cancer cells. This is cause people more susceptible to cancer and result human premature aging.

Fried seafood :
Lipid peroxide is an unsaturated fatty acid peroxides. For example, fried fish, shrimp, meat which are our loves. Why it induced age? Yes, the edible oil after repeating to be used in a long time will generate the lipid peroxide. The researchers found that if the lipid peroxide go into the human body, it will affect the body acid system and damage the vitamin in our body. As such it will accelerate human aging process.
Top 3 food that women shoud not eat

Top Ten Unhealthy Food

Have you ever thought of what are the top ten unhealthy food. Here the WHO disclosed the below are the unhealthy food and you should always avoid them : -

  1. Fried food
  2. Salted food
  3. manufactured food
  4. biscuits
  5. carbonated drinks
  6. fast food
  7. canned food
  8. sweetened food
  9. cold food
  10. barbecue food
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How to do a 3-day low calorie diet?

This 3-day low calorie diet will help you to lose at least 600kcal per day if you have it with 30 minutes slow walk.

If you ambitious to lose weight quickly, the only thing that works is to dramatically decrease your calories intake. Thisis a really effective diet, but keep in min that this 3-day low calorie diet is not for long-term lose weight plan.

Day 1
Breakfast : Half grapefruit, tea or coffee (no cream or sugar)
Lunch : 85g pasta with half tomato and warm water
Dinner : 60g spinach, 1 hard-boiled egg, half tomato and 2 tbsp lemon juice and warm water

How to do a 3-day low calorie diet? Grapefruit

Day 2
Breakfast : Half banana, tea or coffee (no cream or sugar)
Lunch : 60g spinach, 1 small-canned tuna with half tomato and 2 tbsp lemon juice and warm water
Dinner : 60g grilled vegetable, hard-boiled eggand 1 yellow bell pepper and warm water

Day 3
Breakfast : 1 green apple, tea or coffee (no cream or sugar)
Lunch : 100g pasta, with 0.5 tomato and 2 tbsp lemon juice and warm water
Dinner : 30g salad without dressing, 1 boiled egg and warm water

How to do a 3-day low calorie diet? Spinach
Try this if you need to slim down for an dinner dress!

3-day detox diet recipe

Below is the truly 3-day detox diet recipe : -

First day of the 3-day detox diet : -
Breakfast :
1. Take only coffee black or black tea
2. 1 banana
3. 1 Toast bread
4. Small tin beans
Lunch :
1 bowl muchroom soup
Dinner :
1 handful salads with olive oil 

Second day of the 3-day detox diet : -
Breakfast :
1. Take only coffee black or black tea
2. 1 cheese
3. 1 Toast bread
4. 1 poached egg

Lunch :
1 bowl muchroom soup                          
Dinner :
1 handful salads with olive oil

Third day of the 3-day detox diet : -
Brekfast :
1. Take only coffee black or black tea
2. 1 banana
3. 1 Toast bread
4. 2 half boiled eggs

Lunch :
1 handful salads with olive oil
1 small grilled fish

Limit of coffee during pregnancy

What is the real limit of coffee during pregnancy? There are alot of rumours saying that coffee is not allowed. In fact, Zero caffeine is safest, up to 200 mg a day is ok, but more can increase miscarriage risk. Just an example, a tall coffee is off-limit at 260mg, but at home drip 95mg a cup or decaf 2mg a cup are safe. Besides of coffee, during pregnancy, you need to beware of the intake of tea, coke and chocolate too.

How to reduce melanoma

If you are wondering how to reduce melanoma? I have a suggestion here. Get enough vitamin D and calcium. This 2 vitamin play very important role to lower the risk for melanoma especially to older ladies. Thie melanoma which might later lead to skin cancer.

Stay healthy! As such, no matter at what age or what your medical history was, you need to consume 600 international units of vitamin D and 1000mg of calcium a day. These 2 vitamins can be obtained from our daily food.

Extra calories that you need when pregnant

A short notes here if you are expectting. Pregnancy is not a feeding frenzy, In fact, you will need only a couple of smart snacks a day, like an apple with 2 table spoons of almond butter for about 300 extra calories in total. As such, please do not eat more that what you should even you are eating for 2.


Do you ever aware that drink coffee can lower your risk for basal cell cancer? Drink 3 cups of coffee a day will lower your risk for basal cell cancer by 20%. This is due to caffeine has some protective benefits. Let's have few cups of coffee a day to stay healthy.

Top ten food for Folid acid and pregnancy

As we all aware, folid acid (folate) is very intimately linked to pregnancy.
What Folid acid do to pregnancy? This is the question that we always asked. Consumption of folid acid must start before you are pregnant or it should be phased that folid acid is a must when you are preparing for pregnancy. This is very important during the formation of DNA and eventually to the development of brain, and etc. This Folid acid can be obtained from all the food below : -
1. Green Vegetable (this includes brussel sprouts, celery, Spinach, Asparagus, Broccoli)
2. Citrus Fruits (this includes papaya, oranges, grapefruit, straberries, raspberries)
3. Beans and Peas (this includes green peas black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans & etc.)
4. Avocado
5. Seeds (this includes sunflower seeds, peanuts, flax seeds, almonds) 
6. Nuts
7. Beets
8. Corn
9. Carrots
10. Lentils
Take more of this food for natural folid acid and it do help for us too.

Top Energy Food

If i were to rate the top energy food, here are the list : -
Honey is a natural sweetener containing plenty of vitamins and minerals. It’s rich in quick-release carbohydrates to boost your blood sugar quickly, providing a faster burst of energy than foods that take longer to digest.

Top Energy Food Honey
Walnuts are a source of energy-boosting essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6.
Top Energy Food Walnut
Spinach is a source of iron, which helps you to maintain strength. It’s even better when eaten raw because this preserves active nutrients that offer energy benefits.
Top Energy Food Spinach
 Broccoli is full of healthy vitamins and also helps to convert food instant energy for the body to use.
Top Energy Food Broccoli
Bananas provide potassium which helps maintain muscle function, and immunity-boosting vitamin C.
Top Energy Food Banana
 Apricots contain natural occurring sugars that will combat fatigue and help you focus.
Top Energy Food Apricot
 Take or consume one of these top energy food for your better workout or exercise.

How to make Pasta last longer?

More than 80% of the B vitamin riboflavin in spaghetti degrades after months of exposure to light. As such, a study conclude that in order to make Pasta last longer, buy pasta in a box. University of Minnesota researchers found that cardboard protects better than plastic.

How to make whole wheat flour lasts longer?

This whole wheat flour is made from the entire kernel of the grain, which contains some fat. As we all aware fats can go bad in storage,whole-wheat flour may spoil twice as fast as the white kind. How to make it last? We must store the flour in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer.

Olive Oil last for 6 months in clear bottle

The EVOO tested by researchers at the University of Foggia in Italy lost about 40% of its antioxidant activity after the six-month mark. How to make it lasts? Get a tinted bottles will help to protect their contents from light rather than the clear one.

Green Tea only last for 6 months

Did you know that green tea only last for 6 months? Accordng to U.S. Department of Agriculture, After 6 months, certain antioxidant levels in green tead drop 32%. This applies to black tea too. How to make green tea last longer? This is another good question. i suggest you store the tea tightly in a sealed tin to keep out light and moisture. To have a healthy green tea, make sure, it is well-kept.

Guacamole (avocado) as appetizer

This is my recipe of my favorite appetizer and it consume only minimum calorie, check out this a healthy diet.

Guacamole is a very healthy food. You may check out my page for the benefits of avocado and what avocado can do for us to maintain healthy lifestyle and prolong our life.

  • 4 ripe Fresh Avocados, peeled and cut into medium size 
  • 1 Tbsp. lemon juice
  • 1/2 small white onion, minced
  • 1 ripe tomato, seeded and cut into medium size 
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
How to prepare?
  • Mixed avocados with lemon juice in a big bowl
  • Gently stir in remaining ingredients (onion and tomoto)
  • Add in salt and pepper and serve immediately.
Guacamole Avocado
Check out more after this for best healthy diary recipe... Stay Healthy Always...

Bitter Gourd

Did you ever wonder how much calories is you consume for a cup of Bitter Gourd? Bitter Gourd is only 25 calories per cup. Bitter Gourd might put you off cause of the taste yet this vegetable is chock-full of nutrients and low calories. Try to take bitter gourd as one of your favourite food, you may fall in love with it.

Top Fruit Tomato

What are the benefits of having tomato? Some of us might like tomato and otherwise. If I am saying a tomato a day, keep the doctor away, what say you?

Top Fruit Tomato
 How tomato help to prolong life and what are the benefits? Let me share with you what are the benefits of taking tomato and how tomato helps to prolong our life.
Top Fruit Tomato
Tomato is : -
  • Antioxidant protection of the bones, liver, kidneys, and bloodstream.
  • Cardiovascular Support which reduce the risk of heart disease and regulation of the fats in the bloodstream. The regular consumption of tomato has proved to decrease the levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood
  • Supporting protecting bone tissue
  • Anti-Cancer, provide us with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support. It gave the best benefit to prevent prostate cancer and lung cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer, stomach cancer, rectum cancer as well as pharynx and oesophageal cancers
  • Reducing risk of some neurological diseases (including Alzheimer's disease)
  • Reducing risk of some obesity diseases
  • Abundant vitamin A, K, potassium and iron. A helps in Improves Vision, Potassium helps in maintaining nerve health, iron is essential for maintaining normal blood health. Vitamin K which is essential in blood clotting and controls bleeding is abundant in tomatoes.
  • Counters the Effect of Cigarette Smoke
  • Lowers Hypertension
  • Alleviates Diabetes
  • For Healthy Skin high in preparation of anti-aging products
  • Prevents Urinary Tract Infections and bladder cancer

Dairy products prolong your life

Dairy Milk
Why should we take dairy?

How do the dairy foods work in our diet? How it helps to keep us healthy? Why should we take dairy everyday? These are the questions that we like to ask, below is the summary of how dairy important to keep us healthy and why dairy played important role to prolong our life.

Dairy gives you calcium and protein
Dairy products give us calcium and protein. What are dairy products? These include low-fat milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, and reduced-fat cheese. Do you ever believe that a cup of yogurt gives you a third of your daily recommended calcium intake.

Dairy and Vitamin D
Our bodies can actually make vitamin D if we get adequate sunlight
Vitamin D known for promoting healthy bones through its role in calcium absorption. It also helps to reduce the risk of certain cancers to lowering blood pressure.

Dairy Yogurt

Dairy cheese
Dairy gives you better blood pressure
Those who consume the most low-fat dairy (mostly skim and reduced-fat milk) were less likely to develop high blood pressure over a two-year period than those with the lowest intakes of low-fat dairy.

Those who consumed the most dairy (milk, yogurt, and cheese) were less likely to have enlarged waists and metabolic syndrome, a group of symptoms that has been shown to increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

There is increasing evidence that calcium from dairy products may play a role in body-weight regulation.

Dairy improve your Bone Density
Those who have enough cheese, calcium, or calcium plus vitamin D appeared to have bigger increases in bone mass than the other groups.

For the purpose of staying healthy, consume dairy products is very important and we should have this habit in our daily lifestyle.

Citrus fruits may lower your stroke risk

Squeeze some of the citrus fruits into your diet may lower your stroke risk. Some study has discovered that those who daily diet included high levels of flavanones had lower risk of ischemic stroke than those who ate little of this.

What is flavanones? This is basically include fruits like oranges and grapefruits. Besides of being reduce and lower the stroke risk, it has the function to strengthen blood vessels and decrease inflammation.
When should we take this? If you are not having gastric problem, you may take any 1 or 2 hours before lunch. If you have gastric problem, take only when you are with some food in your stomach. You are advised to take 2 oranges or 1 grapefruit a day.


Milk makes your brain work

There is a study discovered that people who consumed at least one serving of dairy a day did better on memory tests than those who went without.

What are included in the dairy products? Yogurt, of course yes .. and as well as milk. You are encouraged to take these 2 dairy products daily to improve our health and balance our daily diet. Did you ever hear that this dairy products may improve high blood pressure and unhealthy cholestrol numbers. This aspect is associated withe brain drain. Let's take this as a try , we may find milk makes our brains work...

Yoga upgrades your memory

Did you ever know that yoga could upgrade your memory?
Streth your body and your brain, this is one of the way to pratice yoga. A study from Brazil discover that if you added twice weekly yoga sessions to your workout for 6 months did better on memory tests than those who assigned to other forms of exercise. Yoga may reduce levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that can impair memory when elevated.

Let's try whether this work... Stay healthy...

Sugarcane gives you a cooling effect

Sugarcane is a natural drink that with the cooling effect. What are the benefits of drinking sugar cane?
  • Sugarcane juice refreshes and energizes the body instantly as it is rich in carbohydrates.
  • Sugarcane juice is a healing source for sore throat, cold and flu.
  • This is a sweet drink diabetics can enjoy without fear because it has no simple sugars.
  • It helps to fight cancer. Studies indicate that it has positive activity against prostate and breast cancer cells.
  • It hydrates the body quickly when exposed to prolong heat and physical activity.
  • They are excellent substitutes for carbonated drinks and cola.
  • Febrile disorders which cause fever happen when there is a great amount of protein loss. But liberal intake of sugarcane juice provides the body with necessary protein and other food elements.
  • It keeps the urinary flow clear and helps the kidneys to perform their functions smoothly.

    Sugarcane with the cooling effect
    As such, it is encouraged to drink surgarcane occasionally to cool down our body heat. But, bear in mind, avoid to drink at night which will call our body too cold. Stay healthy …

Dragon Fruits prolong life

Nutritious Dragon Fruits
I believe all of us heard of dragon fruit and have seen it occasionally in supermarket, market, fruit stall and any of restaurants. There are many names of dragon fruit, it can be called Pitaya, Night blooming Cereus, Strawberry Pear, Belle of the Night, conderella plant.
There are 3 kinds of dragon fruits, red skin with red flesh, red skin with white flesh and yellow skin with white flesh. Dragon fruits are very nutritious fruits.
Let me share with you what the dragon fruit can do to prolong our life and make us stay healthy always : -
  • Dragon fruit contains a good source of antioxidants, it prevents free radicals and protects from causing cancer and other health detriments from entering your body.
  • Dragon fruit is rich in minerals and fibers that aids in digestion, cleans toxic ingredients thus preventing the occurrence of colon cancer.
  • Dragon fruit is full of vitamin C, essential nutrients that also boost the immune system, helps in healing bruises and cuts quickly.
  • Dragon fruit is rich of vitamins B1, B2, and B3. Vitamin B1 in this fruit helps in increasing the energy production and also in metabolizing carbohydrates. Vitamin B2 present in dragon fruit acts like a multivitamin and helps to improve and recover the loss of appetite. With vitamin B3, it helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels. It improves the appearance of your skin by smoothing and moisturizing it.
  • Dragon fruit helps in digestion. Because of the richness in fibers, Dragon fruit aids in the digestion of food, Studies also suggest that Dragon fruit promotes the growth of probiotics and thereby reduce the fat.
  • Dragon fruit seeds provide a source of essential fatty acids.
  • Dragon fruit is also very good for asthma and a bad cough.
  • Dragon fruit also contain vitamins that improve eye sights and prevent hypertension.
  • Dragon fruit helps promote bone density and dental health.
  • It helps to neutralize the toxic substances such as heavy metals. Besides, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels can be reduced by consuming dragon fruit.
  • It is a good source of phosphorus and calcium, it reinforces bones, helps in tissue formation and forms healthy teeth.
  • Dragon fruit is also helpful in reducing blood sugar levels in people suffering from diabetes.
In view of there are so many benefits of having dragon fruits as one of our choice, let’s start take this as a habit, take it regularly to improve our health and make sure we always stay healthy.

Dragon fruits prolong life

What should you do in the evening to lose weight?

After reading the "morning is the most effective time to lose weight", now this is the second part of it. What should you do in the evening to lose weight?

After the morning exercise, breakfast, lunch and now time to prepare yourself for the evening exercise. We need to fuel ourselves before we start to workout. What should we eat then? Try some breast meat sandwich with banana is good enough to repair, rebuilding our energy. Most important is this breast meat sandwich and banana are the fast-burning carbo that your provide you easy energy for the later workout. This combination will also increase your insulin levels, open your blood vessels and allow for better muscles building.

What you need to do in the evening workout? Have a run of 15mins and workout on your upper and lower body muscles for 1 hour. After the workout, take a cup of milk or smoothie is good for your protein consumption.

What should you do in the evening to lose weight
Now is the time for the final meal of the day. This time you may take some healthy fats. A stir fried vege and chicken or fish together with salad with light dressing will good enough to make a meal. The protein and fat in the chicken and the fibre in the vege will keep you feel full and satisfying. This of course will help you to lose weight if you obediently follow the schedule... Stay healthy guys....    

Morning is the most effective time to lose weight

Morning is the most effective time to lose weight
I think all of us would try to figure out what are the healthy ways to lose weight. As an exercise lover, i would like to share with you the healthy way of weight loss. This starts from the morning.

Morning is the most effective time to lose weight. Why? Morning is the time to kickstart your metabolism, manage your blood sugar and prepare yourself for a heavier workout in the afternoon. Morning is the most prime time to exercise, you are burning a higher % of your fat before the breakfast. This is because the body's supply of carbohydrate energy is depleted and the hormonal state makes body fat more accessible. A little big of effort, make a great result. Why not? 

What you need to do for morning exercise? Actually you just need to have a hour of walking, jogging, swimming. And don't forget, to  make it more effective, take a cup of coffee before your exercise may help to trash out more of your fat cells. Don't stress yourself in the morning exercise which will make you tired and sleepy afterwards, just an hour of low to medium intensity exercise will do.

After your morning exercise, what should eat for breakfast? Breakfast is a very important meal of the day. For the purpose of weight lose, you are encourage to take only protein and slow-burning carbs. This will help to manage your insulin. Insulin the lowest in the early morning but it become higher after your first meal. This means, if you overeat during your breakfast, you are comsuming more calories than you require. This will lead to the increase of insulin and thereafter have a high storage of fat. Extra fat will interfere the body's ability to metabolise carbo in a proper way.

What is an ideal breakfast? Here, you should go for 2 whole eggs for protein and whole-grain toast or oatmeal or an apple. After 2 hours you may have your snack which are rich in protein and fibre too. Then you can continue your lunch in 2 hours later. Brown rice, chicken breast and high-fibre vege is good for weight loss.Try to have some food that require more chewing. This is to allow enough time for your brain to receive a good signal that you are full and should stop eating. Bear in mind, high protein is important to speed up your metabolism and help to lose weight. 

Check out the next article for what you should do in the afternoon to lose weight.. Be mindful, morning is the most effctive time to lose weight.

Top ten most healthy food rated by Traditional Chinese Medicine

 Traditional chinese medicine and nutritionist has rated the followings are the top ten healthy food. We should love these top ten healthy food : -
brown rice


sweet potato



chinese traditional herbal


yellow beans

 Check out the subsequent posts on why these all are healthy food that will keep us stay healthy...