Stretch to throw stress away (YOGA)


If you are looking for a way to tone up, combat stress and beat daily aches and pains, join the yoga. Yoga works for the three main purposes of toning up, combat stress and preventing of sickness.

According to a research in Psychosomatic Medicine, a person who pratise yoga regularly will have lower amounts of inflammation-causing compunds in his/ her blood. This inflammation causing compounds will lead to stress, heart disease, stroke and arthritis.

It is encouraged to have 2 sessions of ypga a week in order to prolong your life. It will help to keep you cool when facing with everyday stress triggers, making life little bit easier and happier.

7 hours exercise a week

Did you ever aware that 7 hours of vigorous exercise a week cuts your breast cancer risk in later life by up to 16%.

This is according to a US study of 110,000 post-menopausal women. As such, it is never too late to pull on those trainers!


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