Detox and Diet

We should consider a lot of healthy and nutritious foods once we start our detoxification. These foods play very important roles to help you in the process of detoxification.

First and foremost, you must keep yourself hydrated, MOST of time, you need to drink a lot of water and juices. Bear in mind to stay away from sugary and caffeinated drinks as much as possible. All the surgary and caffeinated drinks must be replaced with herbal tea and vegetable juices or water.

Remember that everyone of us must eat FRESH fruits and vegerables no matter whether we are on detoxification diet or not. In order to achieve maximum results, take most of the vegetables especially broccoli, red and green vegetables, cauliflowers, beets, onions and garlic. Vegetable based soups and salads are light but can be filling as a meal.

Talking about protein, here the beans will play the role. It provide the major source of protein and fiber ie. Kidney beans, garbazo and soybeans.

As asian, we will always like white rice as well as pasta. During this detoxificaition process, substitute the aforementioned with brown basmati rice or other brown grains.

As usual, we shall always enjoy lighter and smaller meals. Even we know that vegetable is light but if can be cooked as soup based and take as a filling meal as well.

Detox Soup, Spinach

Besides of what we always heard about cabbage detox soup, we can choose to eat raw vegetables and organic fruits and another way of detoxification.
Now, i would like to share my spinach detox soup as detoxification. This is a creamers type, the taste is a bit different from cabbage, you might find this is a better soup compared to cabbage, if like "spinach" taste.
1 litre water, 2 pounds spinach, chopped 2 tablespoon of olive oil 1 garlic, chopped 2 large onion, diced 2 large carrots, diced 1 bunch of celery ½ leek, diced Few Bay leaves
How to cook?
  1. Saute the garlic for 2 minutes in your olive oil.
  2. Adding in the onion, celery, leeks, and carrots to the pot, fry for 5 mins.
  3. Pour in water and add bay leaves.
  4. Bring everything to a boil then simmer for an hour.
  5. Set to cool for about an hour then remove bay leaves.
  6. Add spinach.
  7. Cook over medium heat until the spinach wilts.
  8. Remove from immediately so that you won't overcook the spinach which will diminish the mineral in the vegetables.
In order to have adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, you need to have a variety of fruits and vegetables to absorb the multi-vitamins and mineral. You may choose to have up to 3-day spinach detox diet with the combination of fruit juice and water. If you would like to have to up to 7-day, you may refer to my cabbage soup detox diet and replace the cabbage soup with spinach soup.
Spinach Detox Soup Works..

Sweat fat out in sauna and steam bath?

 Sauna and steam bath are very popular nowadays, as a place of relaxation, weight loss, detox and etc. What are you using it for?

Our body weight consists of water, fat, muscle tissue and etc. Fat is fat only. Naturally, in the sauna or steam room, we would feel that alot of sweats on our body. You might feel that it is abit oilly and you would think that it is our body fat.

Actually, the excess sweating is not body fat, it is only WATER. You might find that you have weight loss. Yes, you are right. This will slightly reduce your weight due to the loss of water in your body. Such weight returns when you consume fluid.

You might two and a half pounds in a session in the steam bath and you will replace it with drinking more water as you feel dehydrated. The worriying scenario is, in order to clear your thirst, you will take sweet or high calorie drinks instead. Eventually, you will end up gaining more fat than the weight loss that you are planning for.

Sauna and steam bath is good for detox for flushing out the toxins, however bear in mind, replace your dehydration with water or sugar free juice to keep the detoxificaiton work...

Cabbage Soup Detox

We are everyday exposed to the harmful toxin and free radicals during our daily activities. The toxins are slowly accumulated in our body. What if we didn’t do anything to clean this toxin? Is our body strong enough to detox by itself? The answer might not be favourable… If we can do something to help our body, isn’t that good to ourselves?

The toxic products are not in the air but also in water, food as well as the medication that we have taken daily. A worrying thought… This is the reason why every single person should play their part to work out the detoxification in their lifestyle.

Here I would like to share everybody for a cabbage soup detox, a simple and easy way…

Generally, cabbage contains of best Vitamin C, glutamine and acid amino. Glutamine and amino acid have the function of anti inflammatory. In addition, cabbage is also recognized as negative calorie food and cabbage juice has been used as to heal the peptic ulcers and prevent cancer.

This detox programme is encourage to be taken for a duration of 7 days, in quarterly basis. It will not only flush out the harmful toxins but is also an effective way to lose weight.

You are encouraged to drink at least 1.5litre of water a day to prime your body and to shed weight for detoxification. NO CAFFEINE OR ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED during this period of 7 days. If there are any situation of not well, headache and dizzy, this is the early symptom of detoxification. This is due to your body is loaded with toxins released from the liver. If the condition persist, consult doctor for further investigation.
Ingredients for cabbage soup :
2 liters water
1 bunch celery
1 cabbage
7 large onions
2 green bell pepper orange peppers
3 tomatoes
4 carrots

How to cook?
A) Add some chicken bone (no fat) for flavor to the 2 liters water. Cook for 10 mins.
B) Add all ingredients above to A, boil and shimmer until soft, approximately 15mins.
The summary of the 7-day detox plan is as follows : -
Day 1 - Cabbage soup and Drink plenty of water. No banana, durian and mangoBest fruit - Watermelon, honey dew, sun melon which help to burn fat faster.
No fruit juice and dairy products (eg. milk).
Starts with fruit to normalize the body the upcoming days of the diet

Day 2 ~ Cabbage soup, vegetables, raw or steamed only. No fruits.
No potatoes.
Negative calorie food and antioxidant food ie. broccoli & cauliflower are good.
Vegetables give you rich in minerals and vitamins as well as nutrition as well as little carbohydrates. Most important is it gives you fiber that activates your system for the detox process.

Day 3 ~ Cabbage soup, fruits and vegetables
No potatoes no bananas. Day 3 is an effective way of combining day 2 and 3 and getting the benefits of both days. Your body chemistry is changing because you are not getting any refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, excessive sodium and artificial flavour enhancers and additives. Your body is getting completely natural nutrition – which will optimize the weight loss process.

Day 4 ~ Cabbage soup, bananas, and milk
This can reduce you desire of sweets. Eat up to 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk to restore your potassium levels. This is also to make up for the reduced levels of calcium and potassium and carbohydrates as well as fiber.

Day 5 ~ Cabbage soup, meat tomatoes
Tomatoes provide you iron which is especially for those low blood pressures or anemic. You may take up to 10 tomatoes, 200gm fish meat, chicken breast, beef or lamb. Today is the day to provide protein to your body. Tomatoes will give you fiber and minerals – in particular lycopene which is so-called super-food for the human body. Tomatoes also help to flush your system out.

Day 6 ~ Cabbage soup, meat & vegetables
Day 6 is almost similar to Day 5, take moderate meat ie. 200gm fish meat, chicken breast, beef or lamb. You may take as various types of vegetables instead of tomatoes in day 5.

Day 7 ~ Cabbage soup, vegetables, fruits & fruit juices
Last day of the diet. Basically, you will feel a bit weak as lack of carbohydrate in the last 2 days. Today, you can eat cabbage soup, fruits, vegetables and vegetable juices.
You may also opt for brown rice is but not recommended if you want to lose weight.
Bear in mind that, do not mix your cooking with any salt or seasoning.
Try out this Detox Cabbage Soup to be healthy... 

Lemon Detox

Lemon taste a acidic but actually it is a powerful alkalizing agent. It assists us to restore our body to natural state. As a main detox agent, it is consider very cheap and is the strongest alkalizing foods.

 Lemon detox diet is not only targeting for weight loss, but it means to cleanse your liver in order to make you feel fresh, replenished and energetic for the day and eventually flush the toxins out of your body. Our toxins are all stored in the gallbladder and the liver. In order to improve your metabolism, detoxification of liver is most important. The lemon detox diet plays a role to improve your colon function as well. This is due to the colon builds up toxins over time which can lead to overall sluggishness and poor health.

This is a fasting diet, meaning you are not suppose to eat except for a special juice that you drink to do the actual cleansing and detoxing.
The ingredients of a lemon detox drink is mixed of
· 250ml water
· Half fresh lemon
· Half pinch of cayenne pepper
· 1 tablespoon of natural maple syrup.
Drink it warm or at room temperature. You are advised to take 8-10 glasses of this detox drink everyday for 3 - 5 days. When you are on this diet, you are encouraged to have a large glass of water each day with 1 teaspoon of salt, which helps stimulate bowl movements.

After this 3-5 days lemon detox diet, you will feel healthier in general because of this thorough cleansing and detoxifying.

During the 1st trial of my diet, i have my weight loss of 3kg and subsequently 2kg each. After these diet, i feel i am healthier and my weight is easily maintained...

Detox Juice

Citrus family plays very important roles as detox juice. These includes orange, grapefruit, and lemon. As we all aware these fruits are loaded with vitamin C and act as defender or so-called enhance the immune system. You may mix all these fruits together for excellent result.

Apples, oranges, lemon, and carrots combined are an excellent detox juice that i like most. It gives the best source of beta-carotene, Vitamin C, and a natural relief for arthritic pain. Add some celery if you like to.

Lemon, pineapple and mango are tropical fruits that are very good for digestion. Combine all these fruits to have better digestive system.

Another choice of juice, you may choose to mix white grapes, strawberries and granny smith apple for the benefits of kidney, skin and liver.

You can also mix cantaloupe, papaya, honey dew and grapes for the benefits of kidneys.

If you like banana or you want to have more potassium, you may mix strawberries, bananas and peaches. As we know, banana is very good for skin. For a little bit of soury taste, twist lemon to the juice.

Talking vege and fruit juice detox, you may consider to mix red cabbage with carrot or apple and lemon juice. It plays a role as diuretic as natural antiviral and antibacterial source.

Another vege for detoxification, you may like to try spinach. Mix spinach and carrots for antioxidants and antiaging purposes.

All detox juice are mix well with lime juice or lemon juice for best detoxification result.

From the above, we can see that the detoxification is mainly for kidney, liver and skin. If you would to have the complete recipe of the mix juice you may email me.

Let's try the juices....

Breakfast and Detox

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What is the best food for you during your detoxification? You may choose the follows which you like most. Remember, eat everything moderately. Instead of eating one BIG meal, split it into more and smaller portions. 
i. Banana porridge & yoghurt
Porridge topped banana, raisins and honey. Take a cup of natural yoghurt.

 ii. Fruit salad with yoghurt and oats 
Salad without mayonise. Eat together with natural yoghurt and oats.
iii. Fresh fruit smoothie
Fruit smoothie made from fresh fruit, natural yoghurt and honey.
iv. Muesli and yoghurt

Muesli made from oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruit. Take natural yoghurt as well if you like.

v. Fresh fruit and natural yoghurt
We are keep wondering what are the food we should eat during detoxification and what are not. Here is the summary of food that to avoid during your detoxification : -
  • Fizzy drinks and squashes, including diet versions
  • Butter and margarine
  • Any food that contains wheat including bread, croissants, cereals, cakes, biscuits, pies, pastry, quiche, battered or breadcrumbed foods, etc
  • Crisps and savoury snacks including salted nuts
  • Chocolate, sweets, jam and sugar
  • Processed foods, ready meals, ready-made sauces
  • Alcohol, Coffee and tea
  • Sauces, pickles, shop bought salad dressing, mayonnaise
  • Salt, pepper and any seasoning

Detox diet and loose weight

Desperate to lose weight? Detoxification might be a natural way of losing weight for you.

Generally, detox diet plan is not concentrating of cutting off some pounds from your body. Howwever, it mainly help to detoxify your body from the toxic waste that have accumulated for a considerable period of time.

Nowadays, many health experts have actively introduced the idea of detoxification as a means of maintaining overall healthy and wellness. In view of the chemicals and toxins in the environment and processed food intake, the detox diet plan is an important alternative to help individuals purge the accumulated toxic wastes and at the same time lose weight through natural and harmless means. The detox diet plan will work more effectively if complemented with other established health programs such as hydrotherapy and physical activities or exercises.

An individual who is strictly following a detox diet plan can easily notice immediate results, to name a few, they might see clarity of skin and definitely better digestion. However, it is generally advised to consult a doctor or medical adviser before going through the detox diet plan. This is due to not everyone is suitable for detoxification diets.

For example cancer patients, individuals with kidney problems and those who have heart diseases, are not allowed to have detox diet plan as it would be detrimental to their health.

Bear in mind also, a detox diet plan should not be treated as a substitute for medication, since it mainly provides cleaning effects and does not in way claim to have curing properties.

Due to the body changes during detoxification, you might see some side effects after few days of detoxification. These includes migraines, fatigue and skin problems. Anyway, do not worry, it will happen only for a short period of time. If the condition persist, you should consult the doctor on this to avoid complication.

You are actually having alot of variety of food even you are on detoxification diets. A typical diet plan would include fruits, vegetables, rice, fish, herbal tea and large amount of water. However, you are encouraged to stay away from wheat, starch products, sugar, dairy products and eggs, as well as food products with preservatives and all seasonings.

Check out the 7-day cabbage detox diet in this webpage if you would like to take a try on detox die plan.

Detox Diet

When we talk about detox diet, what is the first idea that comes through your mind?

Generally, detox diet is actually help to relieve your system from synthetic chemicals and free radicals. All these chemicals and redicals are harmful in our body. Detox helps to put you on the right track of diet.
The basic concept of detoxification is helping your body get rid of the accumulated toxic waste. During detoxification, we must stay away from food products that contains an extraordinary amount of toxins such as caffeine and nicotine, meat, starchy vegetables, refined sugar, dairy products and bread. This way you can potentially prevent the build up, and lessen the need to detoxify.
Here are my simple detox diet tips : -
  • Drink 1.5 litre water a day
  • Drink this : half lemon a glass of water with a pinch of cayenne pepper and ½ tsp of olive oil first thing in the morning
  • Eat a lot of salad to get lots of live enzymes and minerals and also to detoxify heavy metals from the body
  • Eat lots of fruit before you starts your detoxification to allow your body to detoxify itself first.
  • Enjoy steam bath with using a cup of baking soda or a cup of sea salt. Soak for 20 minutes and then scrub the skin gently with soap. After a while, you will see the water turnsturn murky due to heavy metals coming out of the skin, including aluminum and mercury. You may do this once in a week during your detoxification.
  • Exercise at least 20 minustes daily.
 Above are few simple steps for detox diet.. Let's try these before the next step of detoxification.

Top Ten Healthy Food

What is a "Healthy Diet"? What are the top ten healthy food in your mind?
 This refers to fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products; Includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts; and Is low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars.

1. Berries
A powerful dose of health-protecting antioxidants. Blueberries top the list of antioxidant-rich fruits, followed by cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. The color of berries comes from the pigment anthocyanin, an antioxidant that helps neutralize "free radicals" (cell-damaging molecules) that can help lead to chronic diseases, including cancer and heart disease. Berries, particularly cranberries, may also help ward off urinary tract infections.
 2. Dark, Leafy Greens
Dark, leafy greens -- everything from spinach, kale, and bok choy to dark lettuces -- are loaded with vitamins, minerals, beta-carotene, vitamin C, folate, iron, magnesium, carotenoids, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. A Harvard study found that eating magnesium-rich foods such as spinach can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
3. Whole Grains
Soluble fiber from oats helps to lower blood cholesterol levels? Whole grains include the nutritional components that are typically stripped away from refined grains. They contain folic acid, selenium, and B vitamins, and are important to heart health, weight control, and reducing the risk of diabetes. Their fiber content helps keeps you feeling full between meals as well and promotes digestive health.
Whole grains, such as oatmeal, whole-grain breads, and brown rice can reduce the risk for heart disease. Every organ in the body is dependent on blood flow. If you promote cardiovascular health, you're promoting good flow to the organ system.
4. Fatty Fish
The fat found in fish like salmon and tuna is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help protect your heart. The power of omega-3s appears to be their ability to lower blood fats and prevent blood clots associated with heart disease.
Another benefit of deep-water fish, such as salmon, is that the omega-3 essential fatty acids are essential for brain function. Other oily fish that provide the benefits of omega-3s are sardines and herring.
5. Dairy
It gives you best food source of dietary calcium, but also have plenty of protein, vitamins (including vitamin D), and minerals. The U.S. government's 2005 Dietary Guidelines recommend having three daily servings of low-fat dairy products, as well as doing weight-bearing exercise, to help keep bones strong and prevent osteoporosis. (If you can't tolerate dairy, other calcium-containing foods include legumes; dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, broccoli, and collards; and calcium-fortified soy products, juices, and grains.)
Beyond strong bones, dairy may also help you lose weight. Research is ongoing, but a few studies have shown that three daily servings of dairy -- as part of a calorie-controlled diet -- may help decrease belly fat and enhance weight loss.
Low-fat dairy foods make excellent snacks because they contain both carbohydrates and protein.
6. Beans and Legumes
These nutritious nuggets are packed with phytochemicals; fat-free, high-quality protein; folic acid; fiber; iron; magnesium; and small amounts of calcium. Beans are an excellent and inexpensive protein source and a great alternative for low-calorie vegetarian meals.
They also stabilize glucose (blood sugar) levels. The brain is dependent on glucose for fuel, and since it can't store the glucose, it relies on a steady stream of energy -- which beans can provide.
Eating beans and legumes regularly as part of a healthy eating plan can help reduce the risk of certain cancers; lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels; and stabilize blood sugar. Beans also play an important role in weight management by filling you up with lots of bulk and few calories.
7. Nuts
Nuts are full of fats. But they're the healthy, mono- and polyunsaturated kind, which can help lower cholesterol levels and help prevent heart disease. In addition, nuts are a good source of protein, fiber, selenium, vitamin E, and vitamin A. Higher levels of vitamin E correspond with less cognitive decline as you get older.
It can boost energy and beat hunger. Still, nuts pack plenty of calories -- and it's easy to overeat these tasty treats.
So enjoy nuts, but be mindful of your portion size. Try to limit yourself to an ounce a day. That's about 28 peanuts, 14 walnut halves, or just 7 Brazil nuts.
8. Sweet Potatoes
One of the easiest ways to make a healthful dietary change is to think "sweet" instead of "white" potatoes. These luscious orange tubers are one of the healthiest vegetables, boasting a wealth of antioxidants; phytochemicals including beta-carotene; vitamins C and E; folate; calcium; copper; iron; and potassium. The fiber in sweet potatoes promotes a healthy digestive tract, and the antioxidants play a role in preventing heart disease and cancer.
Its natural sweetness means a roasted sweet potato is delicious without any additional fats or flavor enhancers. Substitute sweet potatoes in recipes calling for white potatoes or apples to boost the nutrients.
9. Tomatoes
These red-hot fruits of summer are bursting with flavor and pack a nutritional wallop with ingredients such as lycopene, an antioxidant that may help may protect against certain cancers. They also deliver an abundance of vitamins A and C, potassium, and phytochemicals.
10. Eggs
Their cholesterol content once led to bad press for the mighty egg, but research has redeemed it. It turns out that saturated fat (eggs have little) plays a bigger role than the cholesterol in food in elevating our blood cholesterol.
Eggs are packed with economical, high-quality protein, and are an excellent source of the carotenoids lutein, choline, and xeanthin. In fact, eggs are one of the best sources of dietary choline, an essential nutrient -- especially for pregnant women. Eggs have been shown to supply nutrients that promote eye health and help prevent age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in older people.

Always Put these ten most healthy foods on your grocery list today -- but do keep in mind that it takes more than 10 foods (even 10 terrific foods!) to make a healthy diet.

Healthy Breakfast to Start a Day

The best breakfast of the day should have the combination of carbohydrate, protein, fat as well as vitamins and minerals.

Here, i have a guide on preparing Easy & Healthy Breakfast within 3 minutes...
  1. Muesli - those toasted with dried fruits, sunflower, seed, buckwheat kernels & linseed. Oats provide carbohydrate, B vitamins, iron and magnesium.
  2. Yougurt - select those natural without added sugar. Yougurt is high in calcium, vitamin B12, potassium, magnesium and active live probiotics
  3. Almond nuts - supply protein, vitamin E & B3, minerals such as iron, magnesium and zinc
  4. Soy lecithin - plays an important role to breakdown the fats, preventing buil-up fats and bad cholestrol in walls of heart, blood vessels and liver
  5. Strawberries or other fresh berries (optional) - contains highest concentration of antioxidants
Mix all the above and gain the maximum nutrients for your breakfast to kick start of a day.

It is not a good idea to skip breakfast. Healthy breakfast helps you to work and think better, as well as reducing your cravings for high calorie and low nutrition food in the afternoon and dinner.

Have a try on this! Healthy Breakfast to Start a Day... Cheers..

Beans prolong your life

Bean helps to give you a healthier lifestyle and prolong your life. Take the belows into your diets : -

1. Navy beans
These beans are high in folate and a B vitamin may reduce your risk of stroke and cognite declines as you age. Mash together a can of navy beans, a minced clove of garlic, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a pinch of fresh or dried rosemary and salt or pepper to taste. Replaced this with your mashed potatoes.

2. Garbanzo beans
This will help to reduce your levels of insulin, lowering your risk of diabetes. Make your own hummus by blending 12 ounces of garbanzos with a tablespoon each of olive oil, lemon juice, and peanut butter. Add chopped garlic clove. Season with salt, pepper and cumin.

3. Black beans
These beans contain potent disease-fighting anti-oxidants. Stuff black beans, chopped zucchini, and shredded cheddar cheese into whole-grain tortillas. Bake it for 20mins.

4. Kidney beans
It contains antioxidants that help to prevent the hardening of your arteries. Mash kidney beans with 2 teaspoons of chili powder, lime juice and minched garlic for your sandwich.

5. Pinto beans
This help to cut LDL cholestrol. This can be used as a toppings to your chicken breast. Mix can of pintos with chopped red and green bell pepper and red onion. Add 1/4 cup of corn, the juice of lime and 1/2 teaspoon cumin.

Enjoy the beans and mix it with your daily diet will help you to prolong your life and create a better healthy lifestye. So called, beans help to prolong your life

Osteoporosis and contraceptives

Scientist have found that using long-term contraceptives may be a risk factor for osteoporosis. In a Texan study, the bone density of nearly 50% of women using contraceptive jabs over two years was reduced. Those most affected also smoked and didnt get enough calcium.

Advice? If there's history of osteoporosis in your family and you're using long-term contraception, schedule a chat with your GP. And if you do decide to stick with it, take steps osteoporosis-proof your life :
if you smoke, it's time to quit, eat plenty of calcium - found in milk, almonds and dark green leafy vege and take up weight-bearing exercise such as running, walking or aerobics. Added together, they mean you're less likely to be affected.

Prevent osteoporosis before it get worse...

Hair Loss Prevention

Taking Good Care of Your Hair

Taking good care of your hair is the easiest way to to ensure you won't lose it.

Many people suffer hereditary hair loss. This is know as male pattern baldness (MPB) and has familial link. This type of hair loss is inevitable, but can be slowed or even reversed using various treatments.

However, there are many people who lose hair for reasons not associated with MPB. There are techniques you can use to lessen or prevent these types of hair loss. A number of factors contribute to hai loss some of which include : your diet, health, hormones and hair treatment are some of the most common ones.

The steps to prevent hair loss are as follows : -
  • Avoid harsh shampoos.
  • Avoid dying / perming too frequent.
  • Avoid blocking pores (shower after excercise) or together
  • Get a balanced diet (Vitamin A & E are essential)
  • Myths (massaging your scalp to increase blood flow)
This is the first step to hair loss prevention.