Top 3 food that women shoud not eat

Top 3 food that women should avoid : -


Top 3 food that women shoud not eat
  Food is divided into adense” and “non-dense”. What are dense and what is non-dense? To name a few, fruits and vegetables are non-dense type. Whilst meat, milk and cereals are belong to dense foods. Mix and match on the food we eat plays important role on what we are turning into. In order to maintain good health, we should only choose to mix vegetables with only one type of dense food. Cake is combination of many types dense food which belong to intensive food that will make all women gain weight.

Kimchi :
Top 3 food that women shoud not eat
Kimchi will cause human premature aging. This is like marinated fish, meat, vegetables. The added salt will turn into nitrite, catalyzed by enzymes in the body and easily produce various substances of carcinogens that generated cancer cells. This is cause people more susceptible to cancer and result human premature aging.

Fried seafood :
Lipid peroxide is an unsaturated fatty acid peroxides. For example, fried fish, shrimp, meat which are our loves. Why it induced age? Yes, the edible oil after repeating to be used in a long time will generate the lipid peroxide. The researchers found that if the lipid peroxide go into the human body, it will affect the body acid system and damage the vitamin in our body. As such it will accelerate human aging process.
Top 3 food that women shoud not eat

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