What should you do in the evening to lose weight?

After reading the "morning is the most effective time to lose weight", now this is the second part of it. What should you do in the evening to lose weight?

After the morning exercise, breakfast, lunch and now time to prepare yourself for the evening exercise. We need to fuel ourselves before we start to workout. What should we eat then? Try some breast meat sandwich with banana is good enough to repair, rebuilding our energy. Most important is this breast meat sandwich and banana are the fast-burning carbo that your provide you easy energy for the later workout. This combination will also increase your insulin levels, open your blood vessels and allow for better muscles building.

What you need to do in the evening workout? Have a run of 15mins and workout on your upper and lower body muscles for 1 hour. After the workout, take a cup of milk or smoothie is good for your protein consumption.

What should you do in the evening to lose weight
Now is the time for the final meal of the day. This time you may take some healthy fats. A stir fried vege and chicken or fish together with salad with light dressing will good enough to make a meal. The protein and fat in the chicken and the fibre in the vege will keep you feel full and satisfying. This of course will help you to lose weight if you obediently follow the schedule... Stay healthy guys....