Limit of coffee during pregnancy

What is the real limit of coffee during pregnancy? There are alot of rumours saying that coffee is not allowed. In fact, Zero caffeine is safest, up to 200 mg a day is ok, but more can increase miscarriage risk. Just an example, a tall coffee is off-limit at 260mg, but at home drip 95mg a cup or decaf 2mg a cup are safe. Besides of coffee, during pregnancy, you need to beware of the intake of tea, coke and chocolate too.

How to reduce melanoma

If you are wondering how to reduce melanoma? I have a suggestion here. Get enough vitamin D and calcium. This 2 vitamin play very important role to lower the risk for melanoma especially to older ladies. Thie melanoma which might later lead to skin cancer.

Stay healthy! As such, no matter at what age or what your medical history was, you need to consume 600 international units of vitamin D and 1000mg of calcium a day. These 2 vitamins can be obtained from our daily food.

Extra calories that you need when pregnant

A short notes here if you are expectting. Pregnancy is not a feeding frenzy, In fact, you will need only a couple of smart snacks a day, like an apple with 2 table spoons of almond butter for about 300 extra calories in total. As such, please do not eat more that what you should even you are eating for 2.


Do you ever aware that drink coffee can lower your risk for basal cell cancer? Drink 3 cups of coffee a day will lower your risk for basal cell cancer by 20%. This is due to caffeine has some protective benefits. Let's have few cups of coffee a day to stay healthy.

Top ten food for Folid acid and pregnancy

As we all aware, folid acid (folate) is very intimately linked to pregnancy.
What Folid acid do to pregnancy? This is the question that we always asked. Consumption of folid acid must start before you are pregnant or it should be phased that folid acid is a must when you are preparing for pregnancy. This is very important during the formation of DNA and eventually to the development of brain, and etc. This Folid acid can be obtained from all the food below : -
1. Green Vegetable (this includes brussel sprouts, celery, Spinach, Asparagus, Broccoli)
2. Citrus Fruits (this includes papaya, oranges, grapefruit, straberries, raspberries)
3. Beans and Peas (this includes green peas black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans & etc.)
4. Avocado
5. Seeds (this includes sunflower seeds, peanuts, flax seeds, almonds) 
6. Nuts
7. Beets
8. Corn
9. Carrots
10. Lentils
Take more of this food for natural folid acid and it do help for us too.