Sweat fat out in sauna and steam bath?

 Sauna and steam bath are very popular nowadays, as a place of relaxation, weight loss, detox and etc. What are you using it for?

Our body weight consists of water, fat, muscle tissue and etc. Fat is fat only. Naturally, in the sauna or steam room, we would feel that alot of sweats on our body. You might feel that it is abit oilly and you would think that it is our body fat.

Actually, the excess sweating is not body fat, it is only WATER. You might find that you have weight loss. Yes, you are right. This will slightly reduce your weight due to the loss of water in your body. Such weight returns when you consume fluid.

You might two and a half pounds in a session in the steam bath and you will replace it with drinking more water as you feel dehydrated. The worriying scenario is, in order to clear your thirst, you will take sweet or high calorie drinks instead. Eventually, you will end up gaining more fat than the weight loss that you are planning for.

Sauna and steam bath is good for detox for flushing out the toxins, however bear in mind, replace your dehydration with water or sugar free juice to keep the detoxificaiton work...

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  1. Always an excellent 'me' time to go and immerse in hot yet soothing treatments, whether it's saunas or steam. Besides, all of that is mere detail, for an elementary goal, which is to maintain and enrich health of everyone.

    Lucy @ iHealth Saunas