Detox and Diet

We should consider a lot of healthy and nutritious foods once we start our detoxification. These foods play very important roles to help you in the process of detoxification.

First and foremost, you must keep yourself hydrated, MOST of time, you need to drink a lot of water and juices. Bear in mind to stay away from sugary and caffeinated drinks as much as possible. All the surgary and caffeinated drinks must be replaced with herbal tea and vegetable juices or water.

Remember that everyone of us must eat FRESH fruits and vegerables no matter whether we are on detoxification diet or not. In order to achieve maximum results, take most of the vegetables especially broccoli, red and green vegetables, cauliflowers, beets, onions and garlic. Vegetable based soups and salads are light but can be filling as a meal.

Talking about protein, here the beans will play the role. It provide the major source of protein and fiber ie. Kidney beans, garbazo and soybeans.

As asian, we will always like white rice as well as pasta. During this detoxificaition process, substitute the aforementioned with brown basmati rice or other brown grains.

As usual, we shall always enjoy lighter and smaller meals. Even we know that vegetable is light but if can be cooked as soup based and take as a filling meal as well.

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