Hair Loss Prevention

Taking Good Care of Your Hair

Taking good care of your hair is the easiest way to to ensure you won't lose it.

Many people suffer hereditary hair loss. This is know as male pattern baldness (MPB) and has familial link. This type of hair loss is inevitable, but can be slowed or even reversed using various treatments.

However, there are many people who lose hair for reasons not associated with MPB. There are techniques you can use to lessen or prevent these types of hair loss. A number of factors contribute to hai loss some of which include : your diet, health, hormones and hair treatment are some of the most common ones.

The steps to prevent hair loss are as follows : -
  • Avoid harsh shampoos.
  • Avoid dying / perming too frequent.
  • Avoid blocking pores (shower after excercise) or together
  • Get a balanced diet (Vitamin A & E are essential)
  • Myths (massaging your scalp to increase blood flow)
This is the first step to hair loss prevention.

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