Cabbage Soup Detox

We are everyday exposed to the harmful toxin and free radicals during our daily activities. The toxins are slowly accumulated in our body. What if we didn’t do anything to clean this toxin? Is our body strong enough to detox by itself? The answer might not be favourable… If we can do something to help our body, isn’t that good to ourselves?

The toxic products are not in the air but also in water, food as well as the medication that we have taken daily. A worrying thought… This is the reason why every single person should play their part to work out the detoxification in their lifestyle.

Here I would like to share everybody for a cabbage soup detox, a simple and easy way…

Generally, cabbage contains of best Vitamin C, glutamine and acid amino. Glutamine and amino acid have the function of anti inflammatory. In addition, cabbage is also recognized as negative calorie food and cabbage juice has been used as to heal the peptic ulcers and prevent cancer.

This detox programme is encourage to be taken for a duration of 7 days, in quarterly basis. It will not only flush out the harmful toxins but is also an effective way to lose weight.

You are encouraged to drink at least 1.5litre of water a day to prime your body and to shed weight for detoxification. NO CAFFEINE OR ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED during this period of 7 days. If there are any situation of not well, headache and dizzy, this is the early symptom of detoxification. This is due to your body is loaded with toxins released from the liver. If the condition persist, consult doctor for further investigation.
Ingredients for cabbage soup :
2 liters water
1 bunch celery
1 cabbage
7 large onions
2 green bell pepper orange peppers
3 tomatoes
4 carrots

How to cook?
A) Add some chicken bone (no fat) for flavor to the 2 liters water. Cook for 10 mins.
B) Add all ingredients above to A, boil and shimmer until soft, approximately 15mins.
The summary of the 7-day detox plan is as follows : -
Day 1 - Cabbage soup and Drink plenty of water. No banana, durian and mangoBest fruit - Watermelon, honey dew, sun melon which help to burn fat faster.
No fruit juice and dairy products (eg. milk).
Starts with fruit to normalize the body the upcoming days of the diet

Day 2 ~ Cabbage soup, vegetables, raw or steamed only. No fruits.
No potatoes.
Negative calorie food and antioxidant food ie. broccoli & cauliflower are good.
Vegetables give you rich in minerals and vitamins as well as nutrition as well as little carbohydrates. Most important is it gives you fiber that activates your system for the detox process.

Day 3 ~ Cabbage soup, fruits and vegetables
No potatoes no bananas. Day 3 is an effective way of combining day 2 and 3 and getting the benefits of both days. Your body chemistry is changing because you are not getting any refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, excessive sodium and artificial flavour enhancers and additives. Your body is getting completely natural nutrition – which will optimize the weight loss process.

Day 4 ~ Cabbage soup, bananas, and milk
This can reduce you desire of sweets. Eat up to 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk to restore your potassium levels. This is also to make up for the reduced levels of calcium and potassium and carbohydrates as well as fiber.

Day 5 ~ Cabbage soup, meat tomatoes
Tomatoes provide you iron which is especially for those low blood pressures or anemic. You may take up to 10 tomatoes, 200gm fish meat, chicken breast, beef or lamb. Today is the day to provide protein to your body. Tomatoes will give you fiber and minerals – in particular lycopene which is so-called super-food for the human body. Tomatoes also help to flush your system out.

Day 6 ~ Cabbage soup, meat & vegetables
Day 6 is almost similar to Day 5, take moderate meat ie. 200gm fish meat, chicken breast, beef or lamb. You may take as various types of vegetables instead of tomatoes in day 5.

Day 7 ~ Cabbage soup, vegetables, fruits & fruit juices
Last day of the diet. Basically, you will feel a bit weak as lack of carbohydrate in the last 2 days. Today, you can eat cabbage soup, fruits, vegetables and vegetable juices.
You may also opt for brown rice is but not recommended if you want to lose weight.
Bear in mind that, do not mix your cooking with any salt or seasoning.
Try out this Detox Cabbage Soup to be healthy... 

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