Osteoporosis and contraceptives

Scientist have found that using long-term contraceptives may be a risk factor for osteoporosis. In a Texan study, the bone density of nearly 50% of women using contraceptive jabs over two years was reduced. Those most affected also smoked and didnt get enough calcium.

Advice? If there's history of osteoporosis in your family and you're using long-term contraception, schedule a chat with your GP. And if you do decide to stick with it, take steps osteoporosis-proof your life :
if you smoke, it's time to quit, eat plenty of calcium - found in milk, almonds and dark green leafy vege and take up weight-bearing exercise such as running, walking or aerobics. Added together, they mean you're less likely to be affected.

Prevent osteoporosis before it get worse...

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