Lose weight Cucumber Juice

Cucumber always considered as rich with healthy ingredients. You may or may not like cucumber. What about a cucumber juice? It give you an equal result to lose weight. Why?

Lose weight Cucumber Juice

Actually, Cucumber belongs to calorie foods---those that require more calories to digest than they contain.
How cucumber juice help you to lose weight?
  • boost your digestion
  • accelerate your metabolism,
  • cucumber juice is natural diuretic which encourage to flush toxins and water from your body including fat cells. Cucumber juice breaks down fatty deposits into small pieces, which get flushed out in the urine.
  • conquer hunger and
  • eventually help you lose weight
Cucumbers contains :
  • manganese, potassium, silicon, chlorophyll and vitamin A.
  • considered a fruit in the same family as the pumpkin, and are free of cholesterol, sodium and fat
Fresh cucumber juice can provide relief from heartburn, acid stomach, and even ulcers.
A glass of cucumber juice a day keep the fat away… Give a try with some honey with lemon juice if you do not like the bitterness… Lose weight? Try cucumber juice everyday for 2 months, you will see the immediate effect.

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