Soybean and health

Do you like soybean? I love soybean very much… Soybean contains substantial nutrients and health-care effects.
Health benefits of soybean : -
Enhance immune function, but how? If the human body lacks of protein, it will lead to loss of immunity, fatigue and other symptoms. Eating soybean can not only supplement protein, but can also avoid the rising of cholesterol caused by eating meat.
Prevent cancer: soybean contains protease inhibin,nt cancer, especially breast cancer.
Lower high blood pressure: consume too much sodium while too little potassium cause high blood pressure. Whilst, eating more food rich in potassium can expel of the excessive sodium salt in the body. Soybean is rich in potassium.
More intelligence - contains soybean lecithin, which is one of the important to brain, prevent Alzheimer's Disease. And increase the function and vigor of nerve cells.
Improve human tissues and organs: soybean lecithin can promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and strengthen the tissues and organs in human body, lower the level of cholesterol in the body, improve the metabolism, as well as prevent and treat coronary atherosclerosis.
Improve energy: soybean can increase the excitement it can also help to alleviate the depressed and gloomy mood.
Whiten skin, slow down skin aging, but can also alleviate menopausal syndrome. Japanese researchers have found out that, soybean contains linoleic acid, preventing the synthesis of melanin in skin cells.
Prevent oxidation: soybean saponins have an antioxidant effect, clear away the free radicals in human body, inhibit the growth of tumor cells, and strengthen the immune function of the body.
Reduce blood fat: reducing the cholesterol in blood, compete with the cholesterol in the intestines and reduce the absorption of cholesterol and lower the bad cholesterol content.
Prevent deafness: Soybean contains much more iron and zinc than other food, as such, it plays an important role in the prevention of deafness for elderly people.

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