Morning is the most effective time to lose weight

Morning is the most effective time to lose weight
I think all of us would try to figure out what are the healthy ways to lose weight. As an exercise lover, i would like to share with you the healthy way of weight loss. This starts from the morning.

Morning is the most effective time to lose weight. Why? Morning is the time to kickstart your metabolism, manage your blood sugar and prepare yourself for a heavier workout in the afternoon. Morning is the most prime time to exercise, you are burning a higher % of your fat before the breakfast. This is because the body's supply of carbohydrate energy is depleted and the hormonal state makes body fat more accessible. A little big of effort, make a great result. Why not? 

What you need to do for morning exercise? Actually you just need to have a hour of walking, jogging, swimming. And don't forget, to  make it more effective, take a cup of coffee before your exercise may help to trash out more of your fat cells. Don't stress yourself in the morning exercise which will make you tired and sleepy afterwards, just an hour of low to medium intensity exercise will do.

After your morning exercise, what should eat for breakfast? Breakfast is a very important meal of the day. For the purpose of weight lose, you are encourage to take only protein and slow-burning carbs. This will help to manage your insulin. Insulin the lowest in the early morning but it become higher after your first meal. This means, if you overeat during your breakfast, you are comsuming more calories than you require. This will lead to the increase of insulin and thereafter have a high storage of fat. Extra fat will interfere the body's ability to metabolise carbo in a proper way.

What is an ideal breakfast? Here, you should go for 2 whole eggs for protein and whole-grain toast or oatmeal or an apple. After 2 hours you may have your snack which are rich in protein and fibre too. Then you can continue your lunch in 2 hours later. Brown rice, chicken breast and high-fibre vege is good for weight loss.Try to have some food that require more chewing. This is to allow enough time for your brain to receive a good signal that you are full and should stop eating. Bear in mind, high protein is important to speed up your metabolism and help to lose weight. 

Check out the next article for what you should do in the afternoon to lose weight.. Be mindful, morning is the most effctive time to lose weight.