Walnut with sesame powder is a wonder creation

Have you ever wonder what can walnut and sesame powder do to you?

Sesame powder treats injury weakness, supplements the five internal organs, benefits the qi and strengthens, fortifies the flesh, and fills the marrow and brain. Long term use lightens the body and delays aging.

Walnut is sweet, warm and not toxic. It enters the kidney channel. Its moistening function can generate essence, benefits the kidney fire. It can cure lumber pain and has a magical effects.

I have been taking walnut and sesame powder ever since 2 years back, i can see my hair is turning from white to black...  in addition,  i do not have much hair drops compared to earlier... 

Walnut will benefit your brain, you will be more alert and can avoid Alzheimer when getting older.

Just try walnut and sesame powder and discover the wonder!

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