Have you try a miracle drink? carrot+potato+apple

Lets discover the miracle drink call CPA = carrot potato and apple..

What do you need? 
1 green apple
1 carrot
1 potato

How to prepare? 
Clean skin potato quartered difficult.
Clean and remove the skin of the apple. Also cut into small pieces, removing seeds.
Clean and cut the carrots into pieces
Put everything in a blender
Stir and drink immediately

When to drink? 
It is best to drink early in the morning on an empty stomach. Take your breakfast and an hour later.
For the fastest effects, preparation and consumption of this miracle drink 2 times a day, before breakfast and before dinner on an empty stomach.
You can add lemon or lime juice to enhance the flavor, but I found it refreshing and sweet as it is, but I can add 2-3 leaves of Sabah Snake Grass - Clinathanus; antioxidant herb.

What are the health benefits? 
This drink limit the growth of bad cells and prevent the formation of new malignant cells.
Strengthens the body's immune system
Strengthens the lungs, kidneys, liver and pancreas.
Good for tired eyes and dry eyes.
Detoxify, remove waste from the body and regulates the saddle
Help for those with sinusitis and hay fever
Healthy skin and radiant and glowing

Points to consider 
It is 100% all natural foods, so there are no side effects. Easy to prepare and tasty. So, give it a try to improve your physical health. Remember to take control of their own health. You know your body better and need to know if you need to opt for this solution.

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